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The Importance of a Good Plastering Company

When you first move into your home or business, you’re probably pretty enamored with it as is. You have rose-colored glasses and just know that your life is going to be vastly improved because of your new surroundings. You blur your eyes at any flaws in the foundation of the structure, any moisture issues, any … Continue reading The Importance of a Good Plastering Company

120-Year-Old Victorian Home Renovations

Malvern is an affluent suburb in Melbourne, about eight kilometers south east of the central business district in Melbourne. Malvern is full of upscale boutiques and restaurants. The city’s attractions also include beautiful Victorian parks, gardens like the Malvern Gardens and well-maintained Victorian homes. This project revolved around one such beautiful and well-maintained 120-year-old Victorian … Continue reading 120-Year-Old Victorian Home Renovations

Modern Living in Hawthorn

Located 6 kilometres east of the CBD, Hawthorn has always been one of Melbourne’s prestigious inner suburbs. Even as the population and character of the inner-east diversifies, Hawthorn has maintained a certain grandeur particular to the area. Local council has described the area as the City of Harmony. The area is full of boom-style Italiante … Continue reading Modern Living in Hawthorn