Surrey Hills Attic Renovation

Attics are never fun. They’re scary to young children (and sometimes older children as well) and more often than not, uncared for. But what many don’t realize is what an opportunity they are. Yes, they’re the perfect place to stash Granny’s old photographs and memorabilia, but they can also be used in a myriad of other ways. With the correct wiring and insulation, your attic can be a bedroom, a lounge or even a man cave.

CMA loves a good challenge and a good challenge indeed was this particular attic renovation in the area of Surrey Hills. Surrey Hills is a small suburb of Melbourne, near Richmond. It’s bordered on all sides by additional suburbs and lot’s of lovely family homes. It’s become well-known for its classic architecture and mature European tree’s (plane and pin oak) that line the residential streets.

1The owners of this home had a growing family, making them ideal candidates for our argument at hand, that the attic is a perfectly good use of space to turn into a bedroom. Definitely beats spending the money on a larger house, eh? The angles of most attics, this one especially, mean that the end result had a beautiful aesthetic- lot’s of light and lot’s of character. Look at those skylights. These are a fixture that our customers frequently reach out for assistance with installing and these were basically built in. There’s no want for space, making for adequate storage and wardrobe availability. The end result was extremely open-ended. Furniture could be arranged in a multitude of ways, and later on it could also be used as a study or studio. It would appear that this quickly became the most desired bedroom in the house…