Brand New Build in Yarrambat

2Yarrambat, in Victoria, first become well-known as a gold mining town in the late 19th century. It’s name has Aboriginal roots meaning “high hills” and “pleasant views”. This home is one of many that contributes to the town’s name, a beautiful property that CMA was excited to work on.
 6CMA is skilled at improving what’s already great, but we’re also proficient at building from the ground up. This beautiful period home in Yarrambat was over 1000 square meters. The perfect canvas for CMA to add what we do best- plaster and suspended ceilings.
This was a huge property and the team spent many hours adding ornamental Victorian cornices in lengths of 210 mm x 160 mm x 4.2 meters. You can see that these decorative touches both inside and outside of the property give it a whole new look, elevating the value of the property later on and making it a truly beautiful place to visit and live in.
Victorian cornices refer to the Victorian period from 1837 to 1901, during Queen Victoria’s reign and  during which increased Colonial income gave the British ladies and gentlemen great prosperity. The result? A middle-class which was much more educated and much more affluent. They wanted to build larger houses, with clean, classical, elegant lines. The Victorian cornice is known for the same attributes.
The owner of the property was pleased all around. A quick turn, low rates and beautiful craftsmanship for this home in Yarrambat.